Palm Tree Reality

Kevin Hurley

This Album captures the spirit of the Florida Keys and the tropical lifestyle. This collection of songs is for all who dream of sailing to nowhere, and for those who have.

Kevin began his interest in Guitar by taking lessons from Jerry Garcia in a Palo Alto music store at age 12. This his first solo album was written about home. Where he lives and plays and has for his whole adult life. "Palm Tree Reality" has sold over 8,000 copies. It features some of South Florida's premier musicians. It has received air play on Key Largo radio and Jimmy Buffet's Margaretville radio. The Independent Key Largo CC Hemingway " Kevin and Valerie have really captured the spirit of the Keys as well as Jimmy Buffett ever did with songs such as "Sailing to Nowhere" The Miami Herald Rene Alvarez " The record sounds like watershed music inspired by hard work and an Island life all but dead in Miami."

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